Executive Coaching:

We have extensive experience in executive coaching with a tested process for getting the most impact from our leadership interfaces. Most of our coaches hold Ph.D.s, have been CEOs, and have a long history of professional success. 

Succession Planning:

We have created leadership succession planning models for Fortune 100 companies and for small not-for-profit organizations.  We create evidence-based models that help leaders make informed decisions about performance, potential, and readiness.  Potential is measured by learning agility, experience, and motivation.  Readiness is assessed against a targeted job. Succession candidates are mapped into a nine-box grid and decisions are made on placements, assignments, and developmental investments.

Leadership Development:

We have written several books on leadership development and have developed and evaluated programs for all levels of leadership in all sizes of companies.  We have organized the meta-competencies of leadership (Identify-Build-Drive) into relevant competency models and specific skill requirements.  We have created blended learning solutions for some of the most benchmarked companies in the world.  We have strong expertise in instructional systems design and delivery.

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Culture Change:

We have worked with the leading experts on culture change for the past 30 years.  We have developed a five-phase model that has been tested successfully in some of the largest corporations in the world.  Our 5D Process is Design, Diagnosis, Development, Delivery and Determination.  We emphasize the importance of aligning the culture with the business strategy.  We identify the cultural requirements for success and then inculcate them in the work environment.

Mergers and Acquisitions:

We have managed dozens of mergers and acquisitions including IBM’s acquisition of Lotus and  J&J’s acquisition of Pfizer Consumer Products.  We have developed a complete methodology for getting people and culture right in Mergers and Acquisitions.  We have tested processes for organizational design, talent retention, leadership transition, team alignment, cultural alignment, and change management. 

Organizational Learning and Development:

We start with the marketplace conditions and business requirements and go from there.  Our learning strategies take into account the culture of the business and the current technological capabilities available to them.  Our learning solutions are based on a comprehensive needs analysis, job descriptions, and competency requirements.

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HR Strategy

Performance Management:

Over the past 25 years, we have built performance management systems for some of the leading corporations in the world.  We emphasize the “what” and “how” of performance, i.e. what business results were achieved and how did the person get the results.  The “what” is measured by performance against SMART objectives and the “how” is measured by leadership impact and leadership competency role modeling. 

High Performing Team Development:

We have worked with hundreds of good teams and made them great.  We begin by helping the team create a vision statement, develop a mission statement, and define core values.  Then, we help the team identify specific goals, objectives, strategies, and roles.  Finally, we help the team appreciate differences and leverage each other’s strengths. 

Change Management:

Most implementation plans require a change management strategy to make them successful.  We assess organizational willingness, readiness, and ability to change.  We develop communication plans, training programs, and reward systems to make sure the change lasts.  We engage stakeholders and champions at all levels to drive the change.

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